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September 2017 Issue



Consumer Redress Legislation: Simplifying or Subverting the Law of Contract

The growth of statutory consumer protection regimes in modern commercial societies has the potential profoundly to disrupt the private law landscape, increasing access to justice for consumers by a clear suite of rights, but also affecting core areas of private law rights and remedies. This paper examines the interaction of these bodies of law by analysing the relatively new consumer redress provisions in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and general law principles.

Elise Bant and Jeannie Marie Paterson


A Director's Duty of Loyalty and the Relevance of the Company's Scope of Business: Cheng Wai Tao v Poon Ka Man Jason

The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal has utilised a ‘scope of business’ inquiry to delineate the boundaries of the no-conflict rule for the company director. The decision is premised on a bifurcation between the no-conflict and no-profit rules, suggesting that the tests to determine breach of these fiduciary rules are not necessarily the same, thus permitting a more nuanced consideration of directorial breaches.

Pearlie Koh

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