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March 2019 Issue


Regulation by Blockchain: the Emerging Battle for Supremacy between the Code of Law and Code as Law

This paper critically examines the intersection and interactions between conventional law produced and enforced by national legal systems (ie the ‘code of law’) and the internal rules of blockchain systems, which take the form of executable software code and cryptographic algorithms operating across a distributed computing network (‘code as law’). In so doing, it seeks to identify whether, and to what extent, ‘regulation by blockchain’ will successfully avoid governance by conventional law.

Karen Yeung


Constitutional Principle, the Rule of Law and Political Reality: The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 is the cornerstone of UK legislation designed to accomplish the legal dimension of Brexit. This article explicates the principal provisions of the 2018 Act, and the concerns as to constitutional principle and the rule of law raised by the legislation. The tensions in the drafting process are made apparent, and uncertainties in the resulting text are revealed.

Paul Craig


book reviews

Review of Peter Duff and Pamela R. Ferguson (eds), Scottish Criminal Evidence Law: Current Developments and Future Trends, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018, 278 pp, hb £75.00.

This collection of essays edited by Peter Duff and Pamela Ferguson will be of interest to all common law criminal evidence scholars. Each contributor seeks to provide a part of the answer to the two big questions posed by current policy initiatives: what is driving the rapid change in Scottish criminal procedure law, and where are these reform processes heading?

P. J. Schwikkard

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