How to Submit a Contribution to the Modern Law Review

The Modern Law Review is a generalist law journal that accepts submissions in relation to all areas of law and in relation to all approaches to legal inquiry.

To submit a contribution, use the button below and follow the instructions on the Submissions Form.

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There are four sections to the main review: Articles, Legislation and Reports, Case Notes and Book Reviews, including review articles. Each section has a separate Editorial Team. All submissions should be set in the Modern Law Review’s House Style, which can be downloaded through the link on the right.

Additionally there is the online only MLR Forum. The forum invites submissions in response or reply to articles or comments published in the Review or short pieces on current cases or developments which are linked to topics discussed in the Review. The MLR Forum Style Guide has full details of the Forum and how to make a submission.

Articles should not normally exceed 12,000 words (excluding footnotes), Case Notes should not normally exceed 5,000 words (excluding footnotes), Legislation and Reports comments should not normally exceed 10,000 words (excluding footnotes) and Forum contributions should not normally exceed 4,000 words (including footnotes).

The Modern Law Review’s Review Process

At the Modern Law Review we provide an anonymous, fair, independent, expert and robust approach to the review of articles submitted to the different sections of the Modern Law Review.

Our review process for articles submitted to the MLR’s Articles section is anonymous from the article’s point of entry. This means that all stages of the review of the article, including the initial “desk review” by the Editorial Committee and review by two, and in some instances, three referees, are based on an anonymised version of the article.

Articles submitted to the MLR’s Legislation section are anonymised and sent to two referees for review. Case Note submissions are anonymised and typically sent to one referee.

We aim to complete the review process, from submission of the article to a publication decision, within 10-12 weeks.

Please note, however, that there may be circumstances in which it is not possible to comply with this review process. For example, where, after a long delay, a referee fails to deliver a report and, in the interests of the author, we have to make a decision based on one report. However, we do our utmost to ensure that articles are subject to this review process.

MLR Exclusive License for Accepted Articles

The Review’s Exclusive License Form, which all authors of accepted submissions must sign, can be downloaded here.

MLR Privacy Policy

Please also review the MLR’s privacy policy for details of how your personal information is used in the submissions process.

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Modern Law Review House Style Guide

Click below to download the guide to the Modern Law Review Style Guide. This style must be followed for all submissions.