book review

Review of Giannoulopoulos, Dimitrios, Improperly Obtained Evidence in Anglo‐American and Continental Law, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018, xxxv + 292 pp, hb £65.00.

Nina H. B. Jørgensen


Based on a doctoral thesis written in French, this is a thoroughly researched and comprehensively argued text. Giannoulopoulos uses the examples of France, Greece, England and Wales, and the United States to provide a unique comparative perspective on two main categories of improperly obtained evidence: evidence obtained in a manner that violates privacy and unlawfully obtained confessional evidence. This analysis builds up to a finale calling for a reinvigoration of what he terms the ‘rights thesis’, which places rights first and truth second.

Published September 2019
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Volume 82
Issue 5
Print ISSN 0026-7961
Online ISSN 1468-2230