book review

Review of Masutti, Anna and Tomasello, Filippo, International Regulation of Non‐Military Drones, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018, 288 pp, hb £85.00.

Troy A. Rule


In their new book, Anna Masutti and Filippo Tomasello assiduously examine many of the most pressing regulatory issues associated with civilian drone technologies. Their book is a much-needed summary of the diverse set of regulatory structures evolving across the globe to govern the nascent drone industry. The book offers an interesting glimpse into the striking variety of ways governments are responding to a disruptive innovation within a well-established and heavily-regulated industry.

Published July 2019
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Volume 82
Issue 4
Print ISSN 0026-7961
Online ISSN 1468-2230