book review

Review of Chazournez, Laurence Boisson, Mbengue, Makane Moïse, Tignino, Mara and Sangbana, Romlan (eds) (associate editor Jason Rudall), The UN Convention on the Law of the Non‐Navigational Uses of International Watercourses. A Commentary, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, v‐vii + 504 pp, hb £150.00.

Malgosia Fitzmaurice


The Commentary to the UN Watercourses Convention is without doubt a major achievement. It deals in a competent and scholarly manner with a complex Convention, which is not free from controversies. All chapters are in-formative and, at the same time, analytical.

Published July 2019
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Volume 82
Issue 4
Print ISSN 0026-7961
Online ISSN 1468-2230