Wedderburn Prize

The Wedderburn Prize is named in honour of Lord Wedderburn of Charlton, who served as General Editor of the Review from 1971 to 1988. It is awarded annually for a contribution to that year’s volume which in the opinion of the Editorial Committee is exemplary of the type of scholarship that the Modern Law Review aims to promote. In awarding this Prize, the Committee pays particular attention to the work of authors who are at a relatively early stage of their careers. The Wedderburn Prize is awarded annually at the Chorley Lecture and Dinner in June.

2022 David Bullock Public Nuisance and Climate Change: The Common Law’s Solution to the Plaintiff, Defendant and Causation Problems
2021 Alexander Waghorn Sorting Out Mixtures of Property at Common Law
2020 Nick Friedman Corporations as Moral Agents: Trade-Offs in Criminal Liability and Human Rights for Corporations
2019 Liat Levanon Statistical Evidence, Assertions and Responsibility
2018 Dylan Lino The Rule of Law and the Rule of Empire: A.V. Dicey in Imperial Context
2017 Abi Adams & Jeremias Prassl Vexatious Claims: Challenging the Case for Employment Tribunal Fees
2016 Tatiana Cutts Tracing, Value and Transactions
2015 Sandy Steele Justifying Exceptions to Proof of Causation in Tort Law
2014 Dan Priel Tort Law for Cynics
2013 Edmund-Philipp Schuster The Mandatory Bid Rule: Efficient, After All?
2012 (Joint) Joanne Braithwaite Standard Form Contracts as Transnational Law: Evidence from the Derivatives Markets
2012 (Joint) Kirsty Hughes A Behavioural Understanding of Privacy and its Implications for Privacy Law
2011 Paul Daly Deference on Questions of Law
2010 Einat Albin Labour Law in a Service World
2009 Ruth Dukes Otto Kahn-Freund and Collective Laissez-Faire: An Edifice Without a Keystone?
2008 Nico Krisch The Open Architecture of European Human Rights Law
2007 Andrew T F Lang Reflecting on 'Linkage': Cognitive and Institutional Changes in the International Trading System
2006 Peter Ramsay The Responsible Subject as Citizen: Criminal Law, Democracy and the Welfare State
2005 David Kershaw Evading Enron: Taking Principles Too Seriously in Accounting Regulation
2004 (Joint) Jonathan Morgan Tort, Insurance and Incoherence
2004 (Joint) Grace James and Anne Barlow Regulating Marriage and Cohabitation in 21st Century Britain
2003 Andrew Scott 'A Monstrous and Unjustifiable Infringement'?: Political Expression and the Broadcasting Ban on Advocacy Advertising
2002 Charles Manga Fombad The Protection of Freedom of Expression in the Public Service Media in Southern Africa: A Botswana Perspective
2001 Kimberlee Weatherall Culture, Autonomy and Djulibinyamurr: Individual and Community in the Construction of Rights to Traditional Designs
2000 Ian Roxan Assuring Real Freedom of Movement in EU Direct Taxation
1999 Aileen McHarg Reconciling Human Rights in the Public Interest: Conceptual Problems and Doctrinal Uncertainty in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
1998 Alan Story Compensation for Banned Handguns: Indemnifying 'Old Property'
1997 Damian Chalmers Judicial Preferences and Community Legal Order
1996 Helen Reece Losses of Chances in the Law
1995 Jane Stapleton Tort, Insurance and Ideology
1994 Alain Pottage The Measure of Land
1993 John Flood and Andrew Caiger Lawyers and Arbitration: The Juridification of Construction Disputes
1992 Lindsay Farmer 'The Genius of Our Law': Criminal Law and the Scottish Legal Tradition
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